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These are some of the projects we worked on.


CLIENT: Moobile

Saucey is the alcohol delivery app that provides consumers with the easiest, safest and most reliable way to order alcohol from your smartphone. Easily order wine, spirits or beer, and have it delivered in minutes. Perfect for the night in, bbq, dinner, office event, tailgate, pre-party, after-party, gifting or you’d just like a cocktail.


CLIENT: Moobile

Sights is a digital Sight Word learning tool that you and your child use in conjunction with your child’s teacher. Say goodbye to paper flash cards and sight word ring books, remembering when/what your child needs to study and how they’re progressing, etc. Sights is ALWAYS current with the classroom lesson plan and gives real-time feedback directly to the student, teacher and you (the parent). And, hey, Sights is fun for everyone! Happy learning!


CLIENT: TeraCode

GeoEye is a leading source of geospatial information and insight for decision makers and analysts who need a clear understanding of our changing world to protect lives, manage risk and optimize resources. Experience stunning HD satellite images and gain a better understanding of our world through interactive tools with GeoEye’s iPad app.

Zedek Assistpack Plus


With Zedek Assistpack Plus app, users will be able to ask for assistance from where they are located. This app makes easier all steps towards Assistance Center, with the highest possible efficiency and speed. Meanwhile, Assistpack Pack offers solutions and processes for technical resolution of computers, home appliances, white Line and brown line.


CLIENT: Blended

Blended Premium is a school platform gathering teachers, school directors, tutors, parents and students in a virtual environment of cooperation, making easier the management of marks, contents and absences. Also, Blended platform lets the sharing of tasks, documents, photos and videos, increasing the participation of the students who can carry out teamwork in real time from any computer, tablet or mobile device.

Citi Argentina

CLIENT: TeraCode

Citibank Argentina app lets you: Localize not only all Citi customer services centres but also all the shops that honor Citi products that are located nearby; Subscribe yourself to be updated through notifications on new offers and those that are close to your location. To be informed about services and timetables of every customer support centres and get the directions to arrive there.


CLIENT: Mobilenik

PassBan provides multifactor user verification service for mobile devices. It was created to increase safety and security through mobile verification without privacy exposure. With this app, that uses cloud-based multifactor authentication technology, you can Mix & Match to create your own mobile MultiFactor Security system specific to each app or site.

Panera Kiosk

CLIENT: TeraCode

Panera Bread revolutionize its customer experience by offering a new instore kiosk ordering through enclosed and mounted iPads. The app brings faster, more accurate and more personal serve by letting clients identify a table to which their food should be delivered. Also, MyPanera members function allows guests to earn points and redeem rewards.


CLIENT: TeraCode

Plataforma10 provides a reliable and fast service to purchase bus and ferry tickets through 120 carriers to over 1600 destinations in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. Through their mobile app users can check destinations, schedules, amenities and rates.

Santander Rio

CLIENT: Mobilenik

Santander Río Móvil app offers Mobile Banking system for Santander Río clients in Argentina. This app lets users know and geolocalize sales, customers centers and bank cashiers with the possibility of keeping favorite addresses and recent searches. Further, it gives access to Mobile Banking for: consulting accounts; recharge the cell phone; make payments of services and taxes; check last consumes, limits and money available, and last credit cards resumes; or make investments.


CLIENT: Mobilenik

Sprayette app allows users to accede from their cell phone, to their catalog and to communicate directly with the Call Center by only one click to purchase any product. Also, customers are informed about new sales through a notification system.

Our awesome team

Andres Stanislavsky
Project Manager
Brian Sztamfater
Project Leader
Martin Colombo
Art Director
Brian Alt
Account Manager

Our work process

Each screen is wire-framed and then a documented description of key features is attached to describe expected user interactions and behaviours.
We have the expertise to utilise Bluetooth, QR Codes, SMS and MMS, GPRS and newer technologies like NFC (Near Field Communication) in the development of apps.
Constant testing the application through Quality Assurance such as Beta Testing to detect possible bugs or failures ensure to reach the highest quality standards.
Ongoing Support
For a two months period of post product launch we give ongoing support for any possible bugs, although it’s improbable they remain in the system.
Mobile Marketing
Towards gaining maximum engagement of new and existing customers, we develop Social Media & Viral Marketing strategyes by studying the behaviour of your market.

Our clients

They have chosen us because we talk less and do more. Let's do apps!
"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work"
Thomas Edison
"People don't know what they want until you show it to them"
Steve Jobs
"It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen"
Scott Belsky, Behance co-founder
"Always deliver more than expected"
Larry Page, Co-Founder, Google
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